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The Talegent Leadership Potential Assessment

Looking to identify and cultivate your next generation of leaders from within or vet external candidates? The Talegent Leadership Potential solution gives you the tools to quickly and effectively identify those people with the personality characteristics that best predict successful performance in a leadership role.

What does an effective leader do?

Finding effective leaders is essential to creating the following successful organisational outcomes:

  • Motivating and directing employees.
  • Facilitating innovation and change.
  • Creating a positive workspace and increasing staff well-being.
  • Building the confidence and morale of teams.

The Leadership Potential Report

This report specifically assesses those characteristics proven to best predict leadership success, including select cognitive abilities and personality characteristics. Analysis is easy – the higher the score on the Potential Quotient, the higher the predicted success in leadership roles. Development tips, based on identified strengths and weaknesses, are also included to help the candidate successfully transition into a leadership position.

Lateral Thinking

Measures an individual’s tendency to think ahead to anticipate problems and issues, and to generate novel strategies and ideas.

Learning Focus

Measures an individual’s motivation to learn new knowledge and skills and to continually develop themselves.

Social Intelligence

Measures an individual’s tendency to dedicate time and effort into understanding other people’s thoughts and perspectives.

Inner Drive

Measures an individual’s energy levels, motivation to work hard and how hard they will push themselves in their strive to achieve success.

Desire to Lead

Measures an individual’s motivation to take responsibility for a team – a critical prerequisite for any management/leadership role.

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