Predictive talent analytics

Personality tests and predictive talent analytics

Predictive talent analytics is the practice of assessing potential candidates before they are hired in order to predict their expected workplace performance. Talegent’s unique, proprietary technology allows you to screen candidates on the two clusters of traits that research has proved are the most accurate predictors of job performance — cognitive ability and personality — so that you can identify the best talent that’s most suited to your organisational environment.


Accurately Identify Talent with our Candidate Selection Tests

Data drives smarter decisions. We provide you with a proven, metrics-driven methodology to identify the right person for any given job role. Combining latest psychometric science with innovative online technology, we offer a range of solutions that help you hire better people in less time and at less cost.

We help you recognise only the most suitable candidates

In the Internet-era business world, talent analytics are a necessity. All industries have seen a proliferation of applications, often facing hundreds for each job, and the majority of recruiters find the volume a challenge to process. Because of this massive influx of talent, it’s more difficult than ever to find and select the highest quality applicants, and many organisations have found themselves competing for these top individuals.

Candidate suitability personality tests remove this uncertainty by allowing you to identify the best candidates based on scientifically validated measures. By using a variety of cutting-edge mechanisms including mobile applications, cloud data storage, video interviewing, and job simulation, you can get ahead of the competition and hire the best.

Data we deliver

Talegent’s unique technology delivers a variety of applicant assessment information instantaneously into your applicant tracking system, in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to assess candidates at a glance. Off-the-shelf solutions are available for a variety of industries such as contact centres, hospitality, safety, retail, and finance, plus solutions can be tailored to any industry or specific need.

Personality report:
An in-depth explanation of an applicant’s personality across 28 different measures. This will clearly explain what each scale means for a candidate in a particular role.

Competency profile:
Enables you to quickly and objectively assess a candidate in relation to key role competencies exhibited by top performers.

Cognitive assessments:
A report of a given candidate’s abilities across a variety of key workplace performance indicators including numerical, logical, and verbal reasoning, mechanical and spatial reasoning, short-term memory, and fault-finding.

Leadership report:
Allows you to effectively identify those people with the cognitive abilities and personality characteristics that best predict successful performance in a leadership role.

Emotional intelligence report:
Provides a measure of emotional intelligence – the ability to perceive and manage emotions in both the self and others – as well as some effective attributes associated with the construct.

Team types report:
designed to quickly and accurately identify an individual’s preferred team type or team style, this report is useful for ensuring that balanced teams are built.

Application of Data


Talegent measures the key competencies that affect performance in the workplace, and delivers assessment data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand format so that you can apply this data throughout the workplace in order to improve your businesses productivity.

Talegent’s pool of data from candidate selection and suitable personality tests allows for easy comparison of prospective recruits to a variety of norm groups including graduates, professionals, executives, and entry-level workers. This means that for any job position, you can compare how well a candidate has performed when compared to those who are competing for the same position—so giving you the ability to easily identify potential top performers from your talent pool.

Furthermore, our metrics-based approach is especially useful for pre-screening candidates. Testing your raw applicant pool on a few key competencies can immediately reduce your applicant pool by as much as 90%. The speed of this process allows human resources to not only save time, but also concentrate efforts on only the most promising individuals.