Talent Identification

Accurately predict candidate performance with Talegent

Data drives smarter decisions. Talegent provides you with a proven, metrics-driven methodology to identify the right person for any given job role. Combining latest psychometric science with innovative online technology, we offer a range of solutions that help you hire better people in less time and at less cost.

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Industry-specific solutions

Talegent offers a wide range of talent identification solutions preconfigured for specific industries. Each focuses on a unique set of competencies proven to be most accurately predictive for the job roles within a given industry, based on giant sets of top performer and candidate pre- and post-hire data.

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Talegent PATH Data-Driven Assessment Platform

PATH is a next-generation assessment platform freshly built from the ground up to be able to offer maximum predictive accuracy with shorter format testing and faster delivery of results. Combining personality, cognitive ability and skills assessment, it provides a comprehensive assessment solution.

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Interactive solutions

Talegent’s interactive solutions allows you to assess candidates under realistic job conditions—to enhance predictive accuracy and help you make a better selection from a short list of candidates.

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Choose the level of talent identification solution support you need:


Talegent Custom Enterprise Solutions

For a larger number of candidates and/or a more tailored approach, our team of Psychologists can work with you to build a custom enterprise solution fully integrated with your Talent Management System (TMS).

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Talegent Empower™ – Self-Service Platform

Ideal for lower volumes, this supremely easy-to-use yet powerful solution lets you sign up free and pay as you go using a credit card.

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Identify Talent with Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing in NZ

It’s difficult to sift through countless applications when you advertise a position, not to mention making a decision when you’re down to the last few potential recruits. Save yourself and your HR department valuable time by letting us provide you with a cutting-edge solution.

We can help you accurately predict candidate performance with our comprehensive pre-employment assessment tests for personality and cognitive ability. Using advanced methodology, we can combine psychometric science with pioneering technology to efficiently sort through candidates and give you comprehensive and reliable information to help remove stress and speed up the process.

Delivering comprehensive data from innovative assessments

We measure assess individuals in 28 different ways to get an accurate snapshot of their personality with explanations on what it will mean for a specific role.

Efficiently evaluate applicants on a variety of skills and capabilities that are tailored especially for the role you are advertising.

Cognitive ability:
Accurately gauge a candidate’s capacity in important areas of performance, including numerical, logical, rational, and fault-finding indicators.

Assessing data and analytics to help you find the people with the natural ability and personality to excel in management or leadership roles.

Emotional intelligence:
Identify those who can effectively express and perceive the emotions of co-workers and themselves, highlighting compassion and people skills for the roles that need it most.

Understanding the results of aptitude testing to ensure you select the right candidate

Not only do we give you a wealth of data over a range of indicators, we also guide you to extrapolate the right meaning from the results. We are experts at providing industry-specific, pre-employment assessment tests in NZ for a range of fields, including contact centres, safety, railways, retail, hospitality and many more. Enjoy tailor-made interactive job simulations to put applicants to the test under specific conditions to see if they are suited to your work environment. At Talegent we understand that not all recruiters will need the same tools, so that you can select exactly what you want without being charged for what you don’t use.