Video Interview Screening

Assure that new hires perform to your high standards

Competency tests are a great way to narrow the funnel of candidates, but they alone can only go so far—you need to get a sense of the person. Phone screening has filled the gap, but it eats up lots of time and staff-hours to schedule, coordinate and evaluate. Plus it’s audio only, so you miss out on how candidates present themselves.

Talegent’s video interview screening offers you a better solution. Built into our existing competency-based pre-screening assessment, it fully integrates into your HR applicant tracking system. Candidates complete your select personality or ability test modules and the video interview together and you get the results for both together in a single step. That can save you an incredible amount of time in your recruiting process—and help you lock up the best candidates first.


  • Fully integrates with your ATS
  • Set your own questions, preparation times, and time limits
  • Candidates can complete the combined competency and video  interview online prescreening test in a single sitting
  • Candidates can record at any time, you can review at any time
  • Video interview results are included in the overall ranked results

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