Retail Solution

Supercharge sales through staffing

Talegent Retail Assessment Solutions measure the competencies and behaviours proven to predict performance for entry-level through management retail job roles—and can predict operational outcomes so management can employ recruiting and workforce organisation/re-organisation as strategic tools to achieve business goals.


  • Accurately identify top customer-focused talent
  • Boost attendance & retention—lower turnover & training costs
  • Increase productivity & customer satisfaction scores
  • Boost store sales & operating profits

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Talegent helps improve your overall store performance:

  • By improving the quality of hires at all levels
  • By accurately identifying talent and future leaders for promotion
  • By providing management with the human intel to optimally organise the  current workforce

Better engage and assess candidates’ performance by testing them under near real-life conditions with a customised, brand-unique job simulation.


Step 1: Screen

Quickly cull down the number of applicants by volume screening based on core key competencies.


Step 2: Select

Choose top candidates based on in-depth assessment of all key competencies and behaviours necessary for success in the position.