The Comprehensive & easily customisable assessment solution

Talegent PATH brings together a new ensemble of innovative personality, cognitive ability and skills tests under a single powerful and flexible, integrated system that allows you to easily configure, administer, and access results and reporting. And those who use it are able to more quickly, efficiently, and accurately determine the expected performance of an individual within a given role to improve new hires or internal appointments.

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You can configure any combination within the Talegent PATH platform—or choose what you want on an à la carte basis.

Talegent provides the comprehensive range of assessment tests. But not every organization wants or needs all of them. That’s why we offer the freedom to choose exactly what you need—from a single personality test or aptitude test to a complete turnkey solution.

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Personality Testing

PATH personality questionnaire provides deep insight into what motivates and drives individuals, the way they think and make decisions, how they communicate and interact with others, and the type of work environment in which they perform best.

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Ability Testing

PATH Cognitive Ability Assessments measure verbal, numerical and logical reasoning — then compare those competency measurements with expect from a candidate relative to the specific competencies required by your organisation and/or job roles.

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Skills Testing

PATH Skills Tests measure proficiency for very specific skills required for a given position. From writing emails, medical coding and database programming, to phone manners, using CRM software, and data entry—there are over 900 skills tests in all.

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  • Norms
  • Competency Framework
  • Report Options
  • Talegent PATH Training  Manual
  • Talegent PATH Cognitive  Assessment Technical Manual
  • Talegent PATH Personality  Questionnaire Technical Manual

  • Unsurpassed accuracy with regular content updates/validation
  • Internet speed – results delivered instantaneously
  • Easy-to-use, yet powerful administrative interface
  • Comprehensive & customisable – mix-and-match test modules
  • Create your own role-specific norm groups
  • Intuitive at-a-glance reporting; contemporary look and feel
  • Full integration with any HR TMS
  • Readily available IT & psychologist support

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